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«Designed for Fitness FZC» at your service

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Today DF accounts over 70 business partners in 21 countries across the world which are earning big and developing
on the go along with the brand.

As of now, over 21 mono brand stores Designed for Fitness are open in Spain, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan,
Kyrgyzstan, Moldavia, Russia, USA, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Romania, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.

Making money selling clothes that thousands of girls dream about all over the world is not a myth, but a reality that is available to anyone who is ready to join our team and become a representative of Designed For Fitness in their city.

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Our services

Personalised assistance in
• in choosing suitable business model
• placing orders full of high-quality items

Worldwide delivery

Accompany your business activity throughout all time of cooperation

You can check out DF sportswear product line at our website:

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Business with Designed for Fitness FZC

The company offers two kinds of cooperation


Work form: selling goods on online platforms (Instagram, Facebook, marketplace), in multi-brand online and offline shops and showrooms
Investments: from 1000$
Availability of premises: not necessary
Sales channels: multi-brand
shop, showroom, online platform.



Work form: opening of a monobrand boutique in a shopping center or on the main street of the city. Work on a ready-made business model
Investments: from 30000$
Availability of premises: necessarily
Sales channels: monobrand
boutique, online platforms.

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Contact us

Business Centre Sheik Khalifa B Zayed Al Nahyan Street - Umm Al Quawain, UAE



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